Little Art Space

Lately, there has been little to NO time time create any art that I want to create. It has been frustrating me a lot. Art is my outlet and when I have now way to release the things that need to be release, they build up and either keep building up until I have gone mad, or I explode. It isn’t fun for anyone.

I have taken this lack of time to create as a sign from the universe that I need to change things up. So I have begun to put my energy towards my daughter and centering my art around mothering.

My first action, was setting up a little art station for Violet next to my art desk. She loves to color, take lids off pens and markers, rip paper, brush with paint brushes, and throw everything everywhere. I know this little art station is really just a glorified space to make a mess, but hey, I encourage messes. I see it as her way of exploring, expression, and creativity.

I started with just baskets of crayons and paper with a cutting mat as a hard surface. The cutting mat wasn’t my favorite, because each crayon mark would reveal all the cut marks on the mat.

So I went on a hunt for something else and found a nice, thick, wooden cutting board! Brand new, with no cut marks.

Plus, the grooves on the edges hold her drawing tools perfectly!

I gathered baskets that I already had, all thrifted, and filled them with crayons, markers, and paper. I also used some mason jars for colored pencils and paint brushes.

I am sure this little space will continue to grow as she grows and I look forward to many art explorations with her.

Check out the process for the #inktober challenge on instagram @mama.creative



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