Creative Hands

These hands of mine were made for creating!!! They crave, need, want to make things. My creative drive should not be limited by anything that could feed my soul and help me grow as an artist and a mother.

In college, I was fed this idea that to be a successful artist you needed to pick a ‘style’ and stick with it. I was brainwashed into this idea and set on my journey to find my own ‘style’ as well. Worst. Idea. Ever. It tore apart my creativity and I really struggled to create anything I felt good about. Art became more of a chore then an outlet or way of expression.

It has taken me a LONG time to forget what I learned and to become the artist I once was again. Art isn’t about having a ‘style’ or even being successful. It is about whatever you need it to be! For me it is an outlet, a journal, an emotional release, a way to bring my imaginations to life…it is so much more than just how it was created. It allows me to share my journey in this life.

I have so many different styles and, trust me, it has taken a while to accept that after being taught that one style is best. Clearly I was meant to create in more ways then one as I am always discovering new ways to make art. My style will forever evolve as I grow. With each change there is a lesson to be learned and a journey to be experienced.

follow my creative journey on instagram @mama.creative


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